1.Team secretariat will receive nominations from the



2. Secretariat will NOT JUDGE but will discard in preliminary stage – those who are not Indians/Indian origin British citizens  and below age of 18 – and send to JURY for final  judgement.

3.  Jury will receive all nominees latest by 15 January and will make their final recommendations – the Jury will be independent of the sponsors. Jury members will declare that there has been no conflict of interest.

4. FINAL LIST will be announced and disclosed on 26 JANUARY at the ONLINE event

5. Till 26 January LIST and nominee names remain strictly confidential.


The final LIST would include names of :

Those who have contributed substantially and over a long period to Manchester , UK or more widely in their respective field .Those who have been Innovative – by doing things differently – in their practice to make social, cultural or business impact. Those who have particularly contributed to businesses and the economy of the region by inward  investment and by helping to generate jobs.

Those who have particularly supported and Influenced younger generation- and especially Indian women and those tackling climate change.Those who have been active in India-UK corridor helping build sustainable links in their respective fields. In making the final selections, attention will be paid to finding the balance between unsung heros (selfless activity without any PR or recognition) , Emerging (who have started something but early stage) and established (the known) leaders.

    I DESIRE To Nominate


    The nomination is open till 10 January 2021 , 5 pm  GMT. The Jury decision will be final. Any attempt to contact the Jury / organisers for lobbying will disqualify the nominations immediately. 

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